Wendy Elyse

  • Mediumship
    Is there a loved one in the Spirit world you would like to connect with?
    Wendy can help deliver their messages to you! Wendy opens the door to
    the other side and uses her gifts of clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience
    (hearing) and clairsentience (knowing) to provide evidence that will help
    you to identify the Spirit stepping forward. Once identified, she will share
    with you what they want you to know. Although Wendy cannot guarantee
    that a particular loved one will communicate through her, she will make
    your request known or she can simply open the door for whomever wants
    to step through. Wendy is highly ethical in her practice and will always
    deliver any messages only for the highest and greatest good of the sitter.
  • Intuitive Readings
    Wendy is a psychic intuitive who has an uncanny ability to see into the
    future to give you clear direction no matter what your challenge. Do you
    have questions about your home life or a romantic relationships? Are you
    considering a big move or a career change? Let Wendy provide the loving
    guidance you need to help you choose wisely. She uses different tools that
    she may be drawn to use during your reading, including a wide variety of
    Oracle cards and pendulums. Wendy may also suggest a crystal or two to
    help you build courage or stay grounded during difficult times.

About Wendy

Wendy is the Founder, Owner and Chief Spiritual Executive of Lions Gate Spiritual
and Wellness Center. She stepped through the Lions Gate Portal on 8/8/21 and
hasn’t turned back. Wendy is a practicing medium, psychic intuitive, sound healer
and spiritual visionary. Wendy has studied with several world-renowned mediums, psychics and intuitives, and attended the Rhys Thomas Institute of
Energy Medicine. When not communicating with Spirit, Wendy can be found
playing with crystals and oracle cards, engaging in shamanic journeys or
meditating to native American flute music. She has 3 children and pursues many
diverse hobbies and interests, including running, skiing, golfing, cycling and


Jan 08, 2023


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


The Enlightenment Centre
57 E Main St, Suite 130, Westborough, MA 01581
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