Talt Shackelford

Oracle Cards/Mediumship Readings

Oracle Cards/Mediumship – Using oracle cards as my divination tool, I can help clear the void and answer questions on your mind that need clarification. Oracle Cards are my tool to connect to the spirit realm, as well as connecting to those who are no longer physically with us.


Tea Leaf Readings

Tea Leaf – I primarily use tea leaves to clarify anything in your life from love, to work, and much more, interpreting symbols in the cup from your energy.



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About Talt Shackelford:

Talt Shackelford is a gifted psychic medium and intuitive spiritual influencer. He has
been offering readings over the past 8 years having studied under Genevieve Hackett,
Julie Ann Gadziala, and Diane DiPietro. Being the son of Genevieve Hackett, one could
say it runs in the family. Talt was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 7 with severe
anxiety to follow in the coming years. He has learned through his spiritual mentors to
use abilities to not only help him gain control of his life again, but to spread love and
light through his readings.


He is considered a master at oracle card readings and is a gifted tea leaf reader, often
using them as tools to connect to the spirit realm. Talt is Reiki II Certified, Level 4 Psychic
Development Certified and works very closely with the Greek Gods of Olympus,
harvesting their wisdom to share with others. He has taken classes from some of the
best psychics around, taking their guidance and applying it to his readings, and his own
personal life.


Sessions with Talt often include spiritual or personal guidance, communication with
loved ones that are no longer physically with you, insight to the present, or all! Please
do not hesitate to audio record readings, take notes, or ask for a hug.




Jul 29, 2023


12:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Lions Gate Spiritual & Wellness Center
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