Soul-Centered Connections: A Small Group Mediumship Demonstration

Soul-Centered Connections: A Small Group Mediumship Demonstration with Dr. Danielle Clark

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Come to Lions Gate Spiritual and Wellness Center for a unique demonstration of psychic and mediumship readings.


Dr. Danielle’s fast-paced passion and wit will bring love-centered messages to everyone in attendance.


During the demonstration, Dr. Danielle will communicate with several people in spirit and offer various messages creating a night filled with reconnections, wonder, healing, and more.


Be sure to bring a pen, journal, water, and a small object that belonged to a loved one who is now in Spirit (Dr. Danielle will offer a psychometry reading or two).


Minimum of 3 registrations needed to run this demonstration.


About Dr. Danielle Clark
Dr. Danielle Clark wears many hats. Mark Ireland and Helping Parents Heal Certified Psychic Medium. Business owner. Business professor at Hillsborough Community College and the University of South Florida. Trauma survivor + thriver. Award-Winning Scholar. Writer. Dog, Cat and Human Mama. And Wife of 17 years and counting.


Dr. Danielle operates a life coaching and psychic mediumship business supporting an intimate list of clients through things such as trauma, impostor syndrome, self-sabotage, shame, grief, life transitions and more.


Dr. Danielle proudly holds four business degrees, her latest being a doctorate in business administration (DBA) from the University of South Florida. Dr. Danielle is from just outside Boston. She is the creator of Onwards the blog, a motivational, spiritually-infused blog sent out twice a month. She is also the host of Onwards the show on the Win-Win Women Network where she provides healing conversations to help people get unstuck.





Jul 01, 2023


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm




Lions Gate Spiritual & Wellness Center
Lions Gate Spiritual


Lions Gate Spiritual
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