Martha Angelini

Co-Creation Sessions

Martha gets information from your guides, the Akashic records, the angelic realm and the Collective Consciousness to help you resolve crises, and move through significant life transitions regarding relationships, career, wellbeing, and purpose.


Co-creation sessions focus on helping you moving forward by getting perspective on where you are, information about what’s stopping you, and guidance about next steps. Together, we come up with concrete action steps to get you started, including any other resources to help you.


If you would like an Akashic or past life reading, please contact Martha in advance of your appointment at, or 508-308-2560.



Spirit & Energy Sessions

Spirit & Energy sessions are helpful if you are feeling overwhelmed, disconnected from yourself and spirit, or need a boost to get you moving.  These sessions combine messages and guidance from spirit along with energetic support and guidance from Martha. Martha uses Full Spectrum Energy Medicine and Reiki or a combination of them. (Full Spectrum Energy Medicine works with the Human Energy Field and light vibrations to clear, fill, and balance your energy and connect you to your spiritual purpose.)


These sessions focus on releasing energy restrictions, filling empty areas, integrating your whole Self, mind, body, energy, and spirit to support you to move more easily through transitions, get unstuck, or release what is no longer serving you and make space for the new.


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About Martha Angelini

Martha always had a connection to her guides and the spiritual world, but when she shared her abilities with friends and family, it was met with confusion and fear. Martha chose to ignore her connection to spirit in favor of the world of matter.


But that connection didn’t disappear and, in 2008, she reconnected with her guides and the spiritual world.


For the last 15 years Martha dedicated herself to understanding how to connect the world of spirit with the world or matter working as a massage therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, attending the Rhys Thomas Energy Medicine School, teaching and speaking about intuition, and learning psychology. This deepened her connection to her natural gifts and to spirit and she now channels information from a collective consciousness as well as guides and the angelic realm.


Martha combines her exceptional background in physical and energy healing with her connection to spirit for a multidimensional approach for growth as a spiritual and human being. With a quirky sense of humor and curious nature, Martha challenges clients to address pivotal points with the warmth of a trusted companion. The messages Martha receives are focused on moving you forward on your spiritual path rather than messages from loved ones who have passed.


The Collective Consciousness that Martha channels for has their own take. “Martha is part of our Collective and acts as our Messenger to help heal the divisions within individual selves and human nature. She incarnated to speak for us and embody the process of becoming both whole and a part of the larger whole. Her knowledge, experience, and expertise as an incarnate allow her to bridge any gaps between eternal and human beings.”




Jun 04, 2023


2:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Lions Gate Spiritual & Wellness Center
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