Maggie Shields

DreamLight Sessions

Did you know that Dreams are personal love letters to you from your soul and subconscious mind?


Explore the deeper meaning of your dreams with dreamwork sessions. Your dreams hold valuable insights into your subconscious and provide guidance and direction in your life. Whether you are looking to find a greater understanding of your nighttime adventures, or decipher a recent nightmare, our sessions are designed to help you connect with your soul and uncover the messages that lie within your dreams.


With my expertise and tools, including the option to incorporate Tarot and oracle cards, we will take a journey to the subconscious to uncover the hidden wisdom of your dreams and discover the gifts that your soul has been trying to convey to you!  A helpful tip if you are new to dreamwork: Write your dreams down as soon as you wake up, and include anything you have been thinking about or is happening in your life around that time.  This will help you understand the meaning!


HeartLight Sessions

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and heart-based living with soul/life coaching sessions. With support and guidance, we will explore your thoughts and beliefs, and uncover the messages that your body, heart, and soul are always trying to express. We will work through your fears and blocks to gain clarity and confidence, so you can develop the fearless conviction to follow your heart! A coaching session can also be incredibly helpful if you are dealing with a difficult situation and need a way to “check in” with yourself around it.


These sessions include the option to incorporate Tarot and Oracle cards to expand your understanding of the path that feels true to your heart. Join me on a Hero’s Journey to be True to You!


“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.” Rumi


Tarot/Oracle Wisdom Sessions

Tarot cards are a wonderful tool for divining practical and spiritual insight. Using the cards as a tool for connecting to your inner wisdom, we will delve into the spiritual, mental, and emotional energies that surround your current situation.


During our session, we will enjoy a collaborative discussion on the energy each card brings and what it means for you. This way, you will gain a deeper understanding and clarity about your situation, and identify any steps you can take to move forward with confidence and empowerment.


A friendly reminder… I believe that the future is always fluid, so I do not do readings to specifically predict it. And for ethical reasons, I also do not offer readings on financial, medical, or third-party issues.


About Maggie Shields
Hi and Welcome! I am a dreamworker and spiritual/life coach who helps individuals tap into their inner wisdom and gain clarity through dreams, Tarot, coaching and intuition. With certifications in Dreamwork and Biddy Tarot, and as a graduate of the Martha Beck Wayfinders Life Coach training (certification pending), I bring a unique blend of expertise and passion to my work.


Previously I worked as a massage therapist, stained glass and lampwork glass bead-making artisan, and spent a lot of time in “The Office.” I am a lifelong learner with a love of nature, spirituality, self-awareness, and all things magical in life!



Apr 06, 2023


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Lions Gate Spiritual & Wellness Center
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