Holly Eden Morrow

LIfe LIft Weekend

**EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT  $400**  (until 4/30/23)
Regular Price  $444  (after 4/30/23)



Day 1 of 2


with Holly Eden Morrow
  • Saturday, May 27th
  • Sunday, May 28th
10:30am-4:30pm both days
Discount Price for 2-day course: $400 (thru 4/30/23)
Regular Price for 2-day course: $444 (after 4/30/23)


One time registration for 2-day course.

**Registrations CLOSE for course on Thursday, 5/25.**


You will receive certification. Please provide name and how you want it written on your certificate.
Blu-E™ is Holly’s signature healing method, channeled by advanced healers. Beings of Light Universal Energy


Blu-E™ is a divine force that augments and empowers individuals and healers to bring their gifts and healing abilities to newer heights, in essence allowing them to do more with less.


Each segment of the day’s program creates expansion. Through each practice, another layer is revealed. 
Day One: You will learn and experience:


  1. Chakra tuning to clear, open, and align your energy on all levels
  2. Chi Reactivations reignite your life force to its full potential, allowing you to channel multiple energy frequencies and stay grounded
  3. Developing trance meditation
  4. Opening up energy through your claires, your intuitive senses. (Getting CLEAR)
  5. Developing trust and allowance of your intuition
  6. Experiencing your guides and loved ones
  7. Learning a new healing modality, like no other
  8. Watching your gifts unfold exponentially
  9. Connecting with your new soul family
  10. Stepping into your soul’s purpose
  11. Unlocking your creativity
Upon the completion of this day, you will be presented with a BLU-e™ Certificate.


Day Two: We spend our time together Playing in your Magic, only available to those who are Blu-E™ certified, or prior consent with Holly. This is a very fun-filled day where you will be working with etheric energies, meditation, and experiential sharing within a supportive group of like-minded spirits. Interactive intuitive exercises create a deeper connection and understanding of your own gifts.
This day you will learn and experience:


  1. Practical Application of seeing your gifts at work
  2. Expansion through symbols, color, and feelings
  3. Understanding the impressions that you receive
  4. Developing greater confidence with your intuition
  5. Watching the miracles unfold
  6. Intuitive sharing and conscious conversation with like-minded souls
Are YOU ready for a LIFE LIFT?



About Holly Eden Morrow
Holly lived in Spain as a child and graduated from the Cordon Blue in Paris, France in 1984, in cuisine and pastries. Living abroad inspired her love of languages. While residing in San Diego, she became a Reiki Master in 2000. She received her Master Reiki certification in 2001. She attended the Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences several times under some of the best tutors in England. She’s an ordained minister of the International Metaphysical Ministry in Sedona, AZ.


She is a medical intuitive and an energy healer for cancer patients in hospice. She has remotely viewed many surgeries and helping those in transitioning over. She also does sound healing at her retreats, for private and corporate groups, and even for eldercare with her husband, AcousticSoulVibrations.com. She has been teaching her own energy modality globally since 2008, to connect people with their own intuitive gifts and soul’s purpose, join her for a Life Lift Weekend. Over the years, she has been on a number of radio shows and podcasts sharing her gifts. She is a published author of “The Bridge” and has recorded many meditations. She considers herself an energetic artist with work in a couple of galleries in Concord and Rockport, MA.  Some of her creations are available at Lionsgate. Her Sacred Soul Mandalas are all around the world. She speaks at expos globally where she shares her gifts and signature meditation. She lives an inspired life; living in full creation, in Concord, MA.



**EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT  $400**  (until 4/30/23)
Regular Price  $444  (after 4/30/23)

**Registrations CLOSE for course on Thursday, 5/25.**



May 27, 2023


10:30 am - 4:30 pm


Lions Gate Spiritual & Wellness Center
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