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Intuitive Insight: Medical & Tarot Sessions

Medical Intuitive:  Jennifer is a skilled and intuitive practitioner who possesses a unique ability to perceive and assess energetic imbalances within an individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Through heightened intuitive faculties, she can identify potential root causes of health issues and offer insights into areas of the body or psyche that may require attention. Utilizing her intuitive gifts, combined with a background in holistic health, she aims to assisting clients in achieving a more comprehensive understanding of their well-being. It is essential to note that while a medical intuitive’s insights can be valuable, they do not replace medical diagnoses or treatments, but rather serve as a complementary modality.
Tarot Reader:  Jennifer is also an intuitive and skilled practitioner that employs the Tarot deck as a divination tool to provide meaningful insights and guidance to individuals seeking clarity in various aspects of their lives. Utilizing her expertise in Tarot symbolism as well as her own intuitive gifts, Jennifer performs readings to address questions or concerns posed by the client. Tarot readings offer a rich tapestry of symbolism and archetypes, enabling the reader to tap into the subconscious and provide valuable perspectives on relationships, career choices, personal development, and other life inquiries. It is essential to recognize that Tarot readings are not predictive in nature but rather serve as a reflective and introspective tool to help clients make informed decisions and gain deeper self-awareness.


Intuitive Eating Sessions:

This session is for anyone looking to start making peace with their authentic physical self and begin repairing their relationship with food and eating. Through a series of research based steps, Jennifer teaches you how to be in touch with your internal hunger cues, how to communicate with and ultimately give your body what it is truly asking for, how to  focus on health vs weight, how to honor your hunger and more.


IET Sessions:

What is Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)? IET sessions use angelic energy to work on your auric/energetic field. It’s a very gentle way of helping you release any patterns, energy, and memories that are not for your highest good. IET aims to empower you and helps you to move forward confidently in the present.


What to expect during a session? Similar to a Reiki session (which many people are familiar with), you will sit or lie down in comfortable clothing. Jennifer will lay her hands on different energy centers around your body only lightly touching you.


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About Jennifer Dwyer
I am an intuitive psychic dedicated to assisting individuals in their personal spiritual growth. Through my unique abilities, I tap into the energetic realm, harnessing the power of energy and receiving messages from the spirit world. My primary focus is to help people identify and release any internal blockages that may be hindering their progress. Whether it’s emotional, physical, mental or spiritual  barriers, I provide guidance and insights to help individuals overcome these obstacles and step into their true potential. With compassion and a deep understanding if the human experience, I am committed to supporting individuals on their journey eg towards self discovery and spiritual transformation.





Jul 10, 2023


2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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