Holy Fire® III World Peace Reiki Master Teacher Training

Holy Fire® III World Peace Reiki Master Teacher Training

with Leo McCarthy


3-Day Training:
  • Friday, 5/19, 10am-5pm
  • Saturday, 5/20, 10am-5pm
  • Sunday, 5/21, 10am-5pm
*Registration Closes Tuesday, 5/16/23*
One payment of $875 for the entire 3-day training course.
3-Day Training – What to expect?
Please be sure to bring a journal/notebook, pen/pencil, drink, lunch and snack each day.


Day 1
Talking about Soul and Spirit and the Heavens.  Talk about different identities of self.  We will talk about the unique way Experiences, Placements and Ignitions are done.  You go through a healing Holy Fire Reiki Experience.  We will practice drawing the Level 2 symbols.  We will learn the Holy Fire and Master symbols.  We will explain the Ignition process and you will receive your first ignition.  We will talk about Placements and receive your Master Placement.   We will do some reiki hands on practice.  We will go over the Holy Fire moving meditation.


Day 2
We will talk about any questions about the first day.
You will then receive your second ignition.  We will talk about using crystals with reiki and the World Peace Grids.  You will receive your third ignition.  You will go through another Holy Fire Healing Experience.


Day 3
You will receive your fourth ignition.  We will make some time for Questions and Answers about any Holy Fire concepts.  You will go through another Holy Fire Experience.  Will review the Holy Fire meditation.  We will talk about religious trauma.  We will talk about healing attachments. You will learn how to do ignitions by yourself. We will talk about teaching and go over and review the class outlines in the Master Manual. We will discuss evolving as a Reiki Master.


About Leo McCarthy

Leo is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master and LMT.   Leo has always been sensitive to energy around him growing up to now.  Leo receives him information from spirit through clair seeing, clair hearing, clair feeling, clair knowing and clair smelling.   Leo‘s clair senses started to develop after being attuned to reiki.  Leo is no stranger to loss since losing his sister to suicide in August of 2022.  Leo offers his psychic mediumship and reiki services out of his Northborough, MA office.  He does in person, over zoom and telephone readings. In addition to his reiki, he includes crystal and sound healing.  Leo lives in Shrewsbury, MA with his wife, daughter and two cats.  Leo loves to travel and has been to Thailand, Paris and London.


Leo J. McCarthy
Psychic Medium, Reiki Master Teacher



May 19 - 21, 2023


10:00 am - 5:00 pm




Lions Gate Spiritual & Wellness Center
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