Harmonic Soul Healing: Transform with Crystals and Tuning Forks

Harmonic Soul Healing: Transform with Crystals and Tuning Forks

In this class, we will combine the healing energy of crystals with the harmonic resonance of tuning forks, creating a multi-layered restorative environment. A special crystal grid will be created for the participants, bathing their chakras with healing crystal energy and having soul codes channeled to bring about intentional change and beneficial effects. With the tuning forks, a specific and targeted sound applied in the body’s energy field, will assist with releasing stress and resistance. Used on their own, they are dynamic change-makers, and together, they bring about powerful rejuvenation and renewal. Each session will have a unique focus and intention. Participants should be well hydrated and bring extra water for the session and a pillow if needed to be comfortable.


Bring with you:  extra water, optional: pillow, blanket, yoga mat for comfort


  • Brief introductions
  • Go over class process and breathing
  • Short break, get comfortable
  • Begin session
  • Wrap up, discuss self-care, pass out handouts
Each participant will receive a brief introduction about the class process and breathing, a group tuning with tuning forks, transforming energy from the crystal healing with channeling, a crystal to place on the body for the session (to be returned at the end) and a self-care handout.


CO-HOSTS: Shari Wall & Mary Ladybird

Shari Wall
Advanced Biofield Tuner and Energy Practitioner
Certifications: Advanced Biofield Tuning, Reiki Master, Transpersonal Spiritual Counselor
For the past 20 years, I have been on my own path of learning, healing and transforming. I was certified as a Reiki Master and Transpersonal Spiritual  Counselor and, along the way, I have evolved my skills, given private sessions and taught a variety of classes. In July of 2019, I completed the advanced training for Biofield Tuning and now offer private sessions and group tunings. I offer Biofield Tuning Private sessions that book for 60 minutes.


Mary Ladybird
Instagram: @ladybirdspiritlight
Mary Ladybird’s background is a spiritual Feng Shui consultant, spiritual coach, shaman space clearer, crystal healer and light language channel. Trained as a certified Feng Shui consultant, Mary uses both modern and ancient teachings. She has combined both learnings with the use of crystals and sacred space, and refers to this as Spiritual Feng Shui™, a new healing modality.
Mary also heals through the use of Light Language. It is channeled communication that brings in galactic and soul frequencies for your highest potential. It expands your heart, cleanses your mind and heals your body. It bypasses the mind and speaks directly to your soul.
Mary’s gifts are seeing the unseen energy that surrounds your space that informs her of the change needed for you to get unstuck and move in a new direction. Her goal when working with a client is to help you heal so you can be your best and achieve your dreams.



Feb 18, 2023


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm




Lions Gate Spiritual & Wellness Center
Lions Gate Spiritual


Lions Gate Spiritual
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