Embracing the Empath in You -CANCELLED


Embracing the Empath in You

with Jill Briansky


This workshop is designed to assist empaths into understanding their empathic gifts so that they can transform them and thrive. I have worked through the struggles of taking on other people’s energy to the point of depletion, felt overwhelmed in crowded places and felt I had to hold my tongue for fear of hurting people’s feelings.  Through my journey of energy healing, counseling, social work and life, I have learned that my sensitivity is a gift and the only one responsible for my being overwhelmed in the world is me.  I will guide you through practices and meditations to help you understand your energy body, learn to ground yourself to distinguish your energy from another, create boundaries and start to embrace your empathic Super Power!


Please bring a journal/notebook and pen.


Minimum of 3 registrations needed to run this class.


About Jill Briansky
Jill Briansky, MSW, LICSW
I have been working in the healing field for 20 years utilizing knowledge in traditional counseling, energy and body work. Throughout this time, I have gained a lot of insight into the wisdom of the body on the physical, emotional, and mental layers and how they work together and support each other.


As a sensitive child, I struggled with not feeling seen, valued or understood. I have worked hard to overcome these obstacles, find my authentic voice and love myself. This journey has led me to a depth of compassion for others with a similar struggle.


I am a direct and practical person and use humor to help clients work through difficult and painful experiences and step onto the road of self-compassion and love. Together we will utilize talk therapy, energy work and meditation in order to unearth the root issues causing you stress and plant new roots that are in alignment with your heart’s desires.





Apr 22, 2023


10:30 am - 1:30 pm




Lions Gate Spiritual & Wellness Center
Lions Gate Spiritual


Lions Gate Spiritual
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