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Mediumship and Psychic Sessions with Dr. Danielle Clark

Dr. Danielle’s approach is simple:  She shows up with an open mind and heart to offer energizing future-focused evidential messages.


What to expect in a mediumship reading:  Dr. Danielle will connect with your loved one(s) in Spirit to deliver evidential heart-centered messages. Using a blend of her mediumship and psychic abilities, you’ll receive a spirit reunion of sorts with your loved one(s) full of messages, guidance, and healing.


What to expect in a psychic reading:  Using a unique blend of professional, academic, and spiritual frameworks and understanding, Dr. Danielle gives the dark some light by sharing intuitively driven advice to life’s challenges in a light-hearted, uplifting, and actionable manner. She works with clients who want direction in business and career, relationships, health, and personal development. She’s an expert in helping clients who are feeling stuck and indecisive, who may feel their habits are self sabotaging, and those who are going through a Dark Night of the Soul.


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About Dr. Danielle Clark
Dr. Danielle Clark is a Mark Ireland and Helping Parents Heal certified psychic medium, intuitive life coach, spiritual teacher, and business professor visiting from Tampa, Florida. Dr. Danielle, originally from MA, is offering in-person sessions and workshops for a limited time only.


Dr. Danielle’s life story is unique: She grew up in a trailer park in Massachusetts, raised by a mentally unwell mother and an alcoholic dad whom she saw twice a month. At twelve years old, she was assigned a truancy officer for skipping too much school and at thirteen, she was kicked out of school. In her late teenage years, after working a sub shop job, Danielle shifted her focus to turning her life around and mustered up the courage to take two buses per night to GED classes. At the age of twenty-one, with a six-month-old baby, she enrolled in college courses despite worries that she wasn’t smart enough, and that leaving her baby at night labeled her a bad mother.


Today, Dr. Danielle proudly holds four business degrees, her latest a doctorate in business administration (DBA) from the University of South Florida. (And that 6-month-old baby? He’s now a competitive and loving high school student-athlete). Research has shown less than 5% of GED holders receive an associate’s degree, so this is a story Dr. Danielle has been honored to share: anything is possible.
Several years ago, Dr. Danielle experienced a Dark Night of the Soul – a term she never knew existed until it rocked her world. Her unexpected job loss as a business professor triggered a time of deep spiritual depression and reflection. With her ego-tied identity of ‘professor’ gone, she realized work was a self-destructing therapy. The more accolades she received, the more she felt it proved that she was no longer her past: the neglected child of unstable parents who carried unresolved shame and trauma.
But Dr. Danielle’s Dark Night wasn’t all dark moments. She started to heal her trauma, receive signs and synchronicities from the Universe, and connect to the departed as a psychic medium.


Since her gifts opened up, Dr. Danielle has studied mediumship with leading psychic mediums in the US and UK. She makes regular appearances on NBC’s Bloom TV and is the creator of the weekly show Onwards with Dr. Danielle on the Win-Win Women Network and Onwards the blog.


Dr. Danielle is from just north of Boston. Thanks to her Dark Night and following the signs and synchronicities of the Universe, she now lives in the Tampa Bay area with her family. Fun for Dr. Danielle is attending a spiritual development class, traveling, long walks, reading memoirs, being anywhere her amazing family is, and working. Nothing lights Dr. Danielle up more than helping people heal from grief, trauma, and self-judgment habits.


When working with Dr. Danielle, expect a welcoming, high-vibing, nonjudgmental feel. She shows up with an open mind and heart, always offering energizing and future- focused messages from your higher self, loved ones in spirit, and the Universe.


Dr. Danielle’s favorite quote is: “Remember, it’s the cracks in your heart that let the light shine through.” She is sending you love and light.


Here’s what clients have said about Dr. Danielle:
As someone who has experienced deep trauma relating to the nature of my loved one’s death, I have struggled to find a medium that can relate to me with the kind of compassion that I need. Danielle doesn’t shy away from the grief process, and she understands how to hold space for clients who are feeling vulnerable and shy. I’ve seen her for several readings, and I appreciate that she always has tangible suggestions for how to heal and move forward. She blends her very pragmatic, applied mind, with her
incredible psychic gifts, to help guide her clients forward. I’m grateful for this perspective, as every time I meet with her, I feel rejuvenated, uplifted, and have a clearer understanding of my next steps. – Elli


Danielle’s psychic session was amazing and I still think about it two months later. I was able to ask her specific questions about people, my job path, and my spiritual path and she gave me detailed guidance and advice. I trust her and feel very comfortable speaking with her. 10/10 recommend Danielle if you are needing some answers in your life or are feeling lost in one way or another. – Casey






Jul 06, 2023


11:30 am - 3:30 pm


The Enlightenment Centre
57 E Main St, Suite 130, Westborough, MA 01581
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