Dianne Rockwell

What to expect from a mediumship session with Dianne:

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual
beings having a human experience.”  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Welcome, and thank you for the opportunity to connect you with your loved ones on the higher side of life. When we gather, either in person or remotely, I will begin by explaining how I “sense” who is joining us. I may “see” them clairvoyantly- in my minds eye, I may “feel” their presence and describe their personality and character traits. I may “hear” a name connected to them or someone you know, and they often will share fond memories you’ve shared as a way of assuring you they’re really here with you. They may tell me about being at your graduation or wedding, or that they’ve met the new baby to reassure you they have not missed out on any of your family’s celebrations. Often they just drop in to offer support and say “I see what you’re going through”, to let you know they’re cheering you on, and you’re never alone. And you may even hear from a beloved pet, for they are still a part of your life.


I cannot guarantee that I can connect with a certain loved one, but often it is they who have nudged you to make the appointment, and are first in line to reassure you. My hope is that your session offers compassion and gentle healing to both worlds- from those who miss being with you physically to those here who miss them. It is important to me that you feel safe and supported throughout our session, and leave with a knowing that you truly received a “Message From Home”.  ~Dianne


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About Dianne
Dianne is an Intuitive and psychic since childhood. Dianne was blessed with a spiritual experience many years ago, in which she was given a glimpse of the indescribable beauty and unconditional love that welcomes us at our true Home, on the other side of this physical life. She discovered that she was able to communicate with those in spirit- to see and hear them, sense their personality and feel their presence- and the love and messages they want to convey. Dianne has been mentored by some of the most respected mediums in the world from the U.S. and England, and considers it a sacred contract to be able to act as the switchboard operator between worlds. She is honored and humbled to be of service to spirit, and grateful for the opportunity to deliver messages on behalf of your loved ones. They want to remind us all that life never ends- it is as if they’ve simply stepped into another room- out of our view, but always a part of our lives.


dianne.rockwell@comcast.net, 978-365-5092



Jul 08, 2023


11:00 am - 4:00 pm


The Enlightenment Centre
57 E Main St, Suite 130, Westborough, MA 01581
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